T R U C K S T O P !


A new, monthly (first Friday of the month) food truck jam in Sydney's eastern suburb of Rosebery, featuring:

  • 6 incredible food trucks
  • Live DJ's and acoustic music
  • Craft beer & cider bar
  • Tours of Archie Rose Distillery
  • Street art demonstrations
  • Communal dining
  • Good vibes

Where: Saporium, 61 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018.

When: Friday, August 4th from 5pm-9pm.

Pricing: $330+GST, inc. trestle tables and limited 240V/10A or 250V/15V electrical connections.

Requirements: CoS food truck approvals, Food Safety Supervisor certificate, PLI (minimum $10m cover).


W A N T   T O   G E T   I N   O N   T H E   A C T I O N ?


Wanna be part of TRUCKSTOP? All you gotta do is:

  1. fill out the application form below
  2. send us a copy of your food truck approvals, FSS and PLI
  3. book in via breweryyardmarkets.com.au/bookatruck
  4. send us some hi-res images of your truck and delicious eats
  5. help us promote the event via Instagram and Facebook
  6. rock up and enjoy the fun!


A P P L Y   F O R   T R U C K S T O P:


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