You will receive a more specific bump-in email with stall number and bump-in time a couple of days prior to the market day. This is a general guide to answer any questions in the meantime.



  • The Brewery Yard Markets are located at 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW, 2008. The easiest way to access the market is via Chippendale Way from Broadway.
  • The market day trading hours are from 10am – 4pm.
  • If you have booked a regular stall you will receive a tent (3m x 3m), a table, chalkboard. If you have booked a hot food stall you will receive a tent (3m x 3m), a table, chalkboard as well as 2 x 10AMP (240V) connections for power. If you have booked a small stall, you will receive the shared tent space (1.5m x 3m) and a table.
  • Our market day team will set your gazebo and table up for you before you arrive.
  • The materials mentioned above are currently the ONLY items we supply. If you require anything else such as a tablecloth, we ask you to provide these yourself.
  • Leaving early – on the market day we prohibit stallholders from leaving before 3:30pm. If there are any issues with weather or product, please see the market manager on the day that will decide whether it is appropriate to leave. It is not fair on other stallholders if you leave early (in situations where you sell out, we ask you to stay and advertise your product further until the market day is over).


  • The bump–in process on the day begins at 8am. If you have heavy goods that require same level bump-in, please let us know and we can allocate you a bump-in window. Otherwise, all other stalls are to bump-in after 8:30am directly from the downstairs residential carpark. One to two days before the market you will receive an email with an allocated 20-minute time slot (if deemed heavy bump-in) in which you must adhere closely to.
  • Stall Positioning - Depending on type of stall (small, regular or food) you will be allocated a specific position around the market. One to two days before the market you will receive an email regarding your stall position. This information can only be released a couple of days before the event due to the additional stallholder bookings and minor changes we receive throughout the week, which make it difficult to allocate space immediately.



  • Parking can be purchased via the booking site through which you made your stall booking. Click in the date of the event you are attending, under the 'stall type' drop down, select 'Undercover Parking Space', go through the checkout and you
  • Toilets are easy to access around the market. The best location is within Central Park Mall, across the road from the market place. 
  • We do have access to water however it is not clean enough to drink. If you need water feel free to ask the manager on duty who will direct you to the nearest water supply. We are unable to provide you with drinking water.
  • If you need access to an ATM, there are a number situated within the Central Park Mall. These can be accessed at street level.